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Technical Sessions Overview

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Use the Technical Session Overview summaries to help you select the right technical sessions for you.

Experience Levels

IDF Technical Sessions are organized into three experience levels so that you can get the level of detail you need:

  • Introductory – Geared toward a broad technical audience. Includes overviews and introductions to new initiatives.
  • Intermediate – Geared toward an audience that is familiar with the technical session topic. This level may include detailed technical examples and diagrams as well as design and layout examples.
  • Advanced – Geared toward an audience that is very familiar with the session topic. This level may include information such as code example and specific design considerations.


Understanding Track and Technical Session IDs

Each track is assigned a three-letter acronym. For example, the track Cloud Computing: Innovating for Tomorrow's Data Center has a three-letter acronym of “CLD.”

Technical sessions are assigned a session ID within each track. The session ID is made up of four letters and three numbers.

The first three letters identify the track that the technical session is part of. The fourth letter of the session ID identifies the technical session type:

  • (S) is lecture session
  • (L) is hands-on lab
  • (C) is Poster Chat

The last three numbers are the sequence of the technical sessions. The first technical session within a track is numbered 001, the second is 002, and so forth.

Example: CLDS001 is a lecture session in the Cloud Computing: Innovating for Tomorrow's Data Center Track; CLDL001 is a hands-on lab in that same track.1

IDF Notes


1. Intel se reserva el derecho a realizar cambios y ajustes en el contenido y la programación del Foro de desarrolladores de Intel a su exclusivo criterio.