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IDF 2013 Beijing Green Life

IDF Green Life

At Intel, we know our environmental responsibility goes far beyond delivering eco-friendly products. Our commitment to using technology for intelligent solutions to reduce impacts doesn't stop at the processor. It extends into how we manage Intel Developer Forum and engage attendees in simple ways to reduce impact, add value, and educate attendees about sustainability. This has included taking steps at IDF San Francisco, Beijing, and São Paulo. We're making steady progress to exercise a long-term commitment to become more sustainable.

Green IDF (What Intel Is Doing)

Intel is proudly partnering with our suppliers to continue to green the upcoming Intel Developer Forum in new and diverse ways. Intel is still sustaining our past practices of using energy efficient audio visual equipment and LED lighting, reusing Intel event properties, keynote staging, and technology showcase booths, using a comprehensive back and front of house recycling, composting and donation program that reduces landfill materials and selecting host hotels within walking distance of China National Convention Center.



Did you know IDF 'goes green' globally? Green event practices in place at IDF Beijing are practiced around the world at events in the U.S. and Brazil. For example, by switching to online evaluations, we saved 68,000 sheets of paper at global events last year. Lined up end to end, that's enough paper to stretch 19km, or 8 times the length of the Mutianyu section of the Great Wall. So hug a tree, and don't forget to fill out your online evaluation!1


Thanks for all you do to make IDF green by recycling and reducing waste. With your help we kept 7 tons of waste from landfills last year. That’s equivalent to the weight of 58 pandas!2

global green effort

IDF Beijing stopped using bottled water in 2011, a practice that has been adopted at IDF events in the U.S. and Brazil. This has prevented use of over 74,860 water bottles and saved 68,200 liters of water. That water can now be used for more appreciated tasks such as irrigating land to grow 122kg of oranges or 27kg of rice.3

IDF Notes


1. Based on 6,000 (Brazil), 23,500 (Beijing) and 38,500 (San Francisco) paper evaluations, 8.5"x11" size. The Mutianyu section of the Great Wall outside of Beijing is approximately 2.25 km or 1.3 miles long.

2. CNCC reported 6.69 tons of waste recycled at IDF 2012. An adult Giant Panda typically weighs 115 kg. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Giant_panda

3. Elimination of bottled water from global IDF events has prevented use of 74,863 - 16.9 oz bottles since 2008. According to Plastics Europe it takes approximately 68,165 liters to manufacture this many bottles. Water Footprint Network estimates it takes 2497 L of water to grow 1 kg of rice and 560 L to grow 1 kg oranges.