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Faster PC Performance Today: More for Your Money

You know the saying: time is money. We spend both every day, oftentimes in the effort to save a little of each. Fortunately, today’s faster PCs can help save time and money compared to the older and slower PCs of just a few years ago. With better visuals1 for sharper viewing of everything from spreadsheets to HD movies, the new all-in-one PC and Ultrabook™ improve your life at work and at play. Designed with affordability in mind, neither will break your bank account. And with style never sacrificed for functionality, both look as good as they perform.


Affordable computers with powerful Intel® Core™ processors don’t just make a difference in computer speed. They actually improve our lives by constantly keeping us updated on the information we need while supplying lightening-fast connections to the social networks we want.


Today vs. 4 Years Ago: What You Get for Your Money

  • Increased computer speed, including faster start-up and shut-down times
  • Reduced response time, making applications much faster—even when running multiple programs
  • Super-fast downloading and streaming capabilities
  • Seamless workflow and entertainment experience
  • Better energy efficiency


Today's New All-in-One PC: Designed with You in Mind

If your eyes glaze over from too much tech talk, don’t worry. From the moment the new All-in-One PC is out of its box, a faster PC with enhanced performance and sleek design is all you’ll see.


The All-in-One PC offers the following functions:

  • More reliability and computer speed
  • More storage space for your favorite movies, TV shows, music, and photos
  • A single plug-and-play cord that means less wires thanks to wireless capabilities and built-in features that reduce the necessity for extra hardware
  • Ports for optional USB connections, flash drives, and other hardware
  • Intel® Solid-State Drive and Intel® Core™ processors that provide superior performance and improved responsiveness for everything you do, from running multiple programs to casual gaming fun


The Ultrabook™: A Laptop and Tablet in One

Combine the best features of a laptop and tablet with the inspiration of Intel and you’ve got the new, incredibly powerful Ultrabook™.


The following are just some of the features the Ultrabook offers:

  • Wireless and plug-and-play capabilities, so you’re ready to stream your favorite programs while viewing something else, like video chatting with friends—it’s ready to multi-task, just like you
  • Built-in Wi-Fi, so you can drink your coffee out, at home on your sofa, or in the break room at work and always be connected
  • Out-of-the-box security protection with Intel® Anti-Theft Technology2 that disables your Ultrabook if it’s stolen and Intel® Identity Protection Technology3 that helps protect your personal information
  • Multiple models that include fold-over, swivel, and even double-sided displays so you can choose the screen that fits your viewing style



Both the new All-in-One PC and Ultrabook™ have touchscreen capabilities. Imagine a completely intuitive experience—one you can navigate with a single finger tap, double finger scroll, or triple finger rotation. Your computer becomes an extension of you.


Ease of Use at Work and Play

Whether it’s accounting, word processing, online learning, or videoconferencing, today’s PC performance is easy, reliable, and secure. A faster PC helps you maximize your leisure time, making your hobbies more fun and creative, from gaming to digital scrapbooking.



Best of all, an All-in-One PC or Ultrabook™ is an affordable computer, not a dream or a costly fortune. Enjoy the performance at your fingertips to access the information, entertainment, and content you choose. That’s the affordability and performance of today’s all-in-one PC and Ultrabook with touchscreen capability. Your computer, your way!

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1. La tecnología Intel® HD de video nítido no está habilitada en todos los equipos y podría necesitarse un software optimizado. Consulte al fabricante del sistema. Más información en http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/architecture-and-technology/visual-technology/intel-visual-technology-consumer.html.

2. Ningún sistema puede proporcionar una seguridad absoluta. Se requiere un procesador Intel® habilitado, un chipset habilitado y firmware y software optimizados para utilizar las tecnologías. Consulte al fabricante de su sistema y a su proveedor de software para obtener más información.

3. Ningún sistema puede proporcionar una seguridad absoluta en todas las condiciones. Requiere un sistema habilitado para la tecnología Intel® de protección de identidad, lo que incluye un procesador Intel® Core de tercera o cuarta generación, chipset, firmware y software habilitados y un sitio web participante. Consulte al fabricante de su sistema. Intel no asume responsabilidad alguna por los sistemas y/o datos extraviados o robados ni por ningún daño que se produzca en consecuencia. Para obtener más información, visite http://ipt.intel.com.