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Providing predictable low latency for easy scalability without diminished cluster performance or costly system tuning, the Intel® True Scale Fabric switch 12000 series coupled with Intel® True Scale Fabric host channel adapters based on InfiniBand* creates the highest-performing high performance computing (HPC) interconnect fabrics.

Intel True Scale Fabric Switch 12000 Series

Based on the Intel® True Scale Fabric ASIC platform, the Intel True Scale Fabric switch 12000 series offers the highest port count, port density, and the most flexibility, adapting to a wide range of organizations with evolving HPC needs. Networking and management is made simple with the Intel® True Scale Fabric suite (IFS), which automates fabric installation, configuration, and monitoring.

Product Features and Specifications

  • Designed to meet the most demanding “time-to-solution” needs of the HPC market
  • Exceptional flexibility with switches that scale from 18 to 864 ports (40/20/10 Gbps auto-negotiation)
  • Comprehensive set of advanced InfiniBand features
  • Ability to improve HPC cluster efficiency with industry-leading features, including: adaptive routing, quality of service (QoS), and virtual fabrics
  • Optional Intel True Scale Fabric suite (IFS) management solution provides expanded fabric views and a powerful set of management tools

Intel® True Scale Fabric Switches

Switch Type Ports Fixed/Modular
Edge – 36 Ports 36 Fixed/Modular
Edge – Up to 36 Ports 18-36 Modular
Edge -18 Ports 18 Fixed
Director – 4 Slot 72 (UHP)/96 (UHD) Modular
Director -  12 Slot 216 (UHP)/288 (UHD) Modular
Director – 4 Slot 324 (UHP)/432 (UHD) Modular
Director -  12 Slot 648 (UHP)/864 (UHD) Modular

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