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Case StudyTM Intel® Atom Processor Medical Devices and Equipment

Simplifying Medical System Design to Help Transform Healthcare

Demand for Portable Ultrasound Equipment: Thanks largely to the dramatic increase in per capita healthcare expenditure the government has mandated and taken efforts to upgrade the existing outmoded medical devices in thousands of hospitals across the country. There are opportunities from smaller rural medical insti...tutions and hospitals in developing countries for the sale of black and white ultrasound equipment which often lack funding to purchase higher end equipment. As a result there is great demand for portable ultrasound imaging equipment. Mindray, having long been committed to finding better channels and offering enhanced products to serve their end customers, are determined to bring superior and more portable ultrasound equipment to their customer base.

DP Series Portable Black and White Ultrasound Equipment: With an experienced R&D team and thanks to the collaboration with Intel, Mindray released the next-generation DP series portable black and white ultrasound system. Following on Mindray’s rich tradition in the medical device market, the new DP ultrasound series will further extend Mindray’s international reach in the field of medical devices and equipment, but this range of equipment will also help foster affordable medical services, benefiting more patients who need assistance of quality medical equipment.

Read the full Simplifying Medical System Design to Help Transform Healthcare Case Study. Simplifying Medical System Design to Help Transform Healthcare Case Study.

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