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Intel Comments on Health IT Policy’s and Meaningful Use

Suggestions to improve health care system quality and efficiency

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Intel Comments on Health IT Policy’s and Meaningful Use: Letter

Dear Dr. Seidman:

Intel appreciates this opportunity to comment on the Health IT Policy Committee’s Recommendations for Stage 2 Requirements of Meaningful Use for Electronic Health Records. To improve the quality and efficiency of the health care system, more than simple adoption of EHRs is needed, and we commend the committee for focusing on health outcomes as an integral goal for the EHR program. The recommendations offer a comprehensive approach with the potential to enhance the patient-provider interaction, increase the quality of care and outcomes, and create easy access to individual health information. As the U.S. moves toward integrated care networks, real-time access to patient data will be the underlying foundation that supports these new models of care. Coupled with required decision support programs, the data exchange will dramatically change the quality of care in the US. We appreciate the opportunity to make recommendations, which we believe will enhance the final discussions that will take place over the next year as the rules for Meaningful Use Stage 2 are written.

Intel is certainly known as a world leader in silicon innovation, but our company has also been active in the healthcare arena both directly and indirectly. Our technologies help to power the Internet, the broadband connected world, and many health care institutions globally with whom we increasingly work to connect patients, families, providers, and health care researchers with one another. For more than a decade Intel has also focused a portion of its research and development efforts specifically on health care to better understand how to connect all of the major players through a wide array of health information technologies.

Read the full Intel Comments on Health IT Policy’s and Meaningful Use Letter. :

Read the full Intel Comments on Health IT Policy’s and Meaningful Use white paper: http://www.intel.com/content/www/us/en/healthcare-it/intel-comments-on-health-it-policies-and-meaningful-use-letter.html

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