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Automated Strength Trainers Put Global Wellness Within Reach

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Automated Strength Trainers Put Global Wellness Within Reach

Computerized exercise machines become your personal trainer

Imagine a world in which every man, woman, and child has access to a personal trainer. Such a world would be filled with people who are stronger, fitter, and healthier—a world in which the idea of global wellness becomes a distinct possibility.

That’s the vision of Core Performance, makers of a unique, automated training system that combines the muscle and intelligence from new Intel® technology with the expertise of the world’s most elite coaches and performance specialists. “We’re automating and perfecting the process of training, using technology to replicate a very individualized, very personal program on a mass scale,” said Core Performance CTO John Zerden.

A Training Program Just For You
In this system, Core Performance has harnessed the speed, performance, and intelligence of new Intel® processors to enhance the athletic training experience. It’s about being active and being active in a way that makes you healthier and fitter.

“We start with a set of baseline data—including your physical characteristics and work-out habits. Then the computer prepares a very personalized training program—just for you.” Computerized, automated exercise machines become your personal trainer, administering your workout and analyzing both the quantity and quality of your results. How strong are you? What’s your heart rate? Are you keeping a steady pace and completing the prescribed repetitions and exercises?

Read the full Automated Strength Trainers Put Global Wellness Within Reach Solution Brief.

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