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Infanta Leonor Hospital Puts Patient Care On the Move

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Infanta Leonor Hospital Puts Patient Care On the Move

Clinicians access critical medical records from the patient’s bedside and the ER with Intel Inside®, touch-enabled tablets with Microsoft Windows 8*

The Infanta Leonor Hospital has been serving the community of Villa y Puente de Vallecas in Madrid since 2008. It offers healthcare services including emergency room (ER), pediatrics, intensive care and coronary care to the region’s 325,000 inhabitants and holds over 260 beds. With a focus on providing fast, accurate and high-quality patient care, the hospital is always on the lookout for new IT tools that can help its clinicians up their games.

Doctors and nurses in every department of the hospital want to invest as much time as possible with patients. When the hospital had the chance to evaluate the benefits of a new touch-enabled tablet powered by the Intel® Core™ processor and running the Microsoft Windows* 8 operating system, it chose to trial it in some of the situations where patient contact is most critical – in the ER and when delivering patient care at the bedside. It wanted to see the efficiency benefits that increased IT mobility could bring, but needed to ensure that the devices met all the stringent performance and security requirements that clinicians were used to.

The hospital ran a pilot project using a tablet and a Touch * Ultrabook™ from Samsung, both powered by Intel® Core™ i5 processors and running Windows 8. Staff used the device to classify and prioritize patients as they came into the ER, and for issuing order number tickets to those waiting for consultations. The devices ran key HTML 5-based applications for managing incoming patients as well as to enable clinicians to access the hospital’s electronic patient records system.

Feedback from users was overwhelmingly positive, since the tablets were much lighter, smaller and easier to carry than the hefty notebook PCs that had previously been used. The addition of touch functionality meant that staff could interact with applications much more easily, enabling them to act faster and more efficiently in the high-pressure ER and ward environments. Being able to add consultation notes to the system from the bedside also provided patients and staff with added security and peace of mind that treatment was being recorded quickly and accurately.

Read the full Infanta Leonor Hospital Puts Patient Care On the Move Success Brief.

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