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Manageability of Computerized Medical Equipment

Manageability of Computerized Medical Equipment

Hospitals today are transforming into sophisticated medical facilities with computer-based medical equipment becoming ubiquitous. Medical devices are evolving from fixed function devices to intelligent, connected medical devices. Healthcare facilities are becoming digitized and networked, with a wide array of high-tech medical devices supplying data to a centralized electronic medical record (EMR).

Medical equipment such as diagnostic equipment, laboratory/analytical equipment, drug dispensing carts, computerized physiotherapy, patient infotainment terminals, multi- parameter patient monitoring, endoscopy and Computers on Wheels (CoWs) are all leveraging PC based architectures and are feeding data into the EMR, which acts as both a permanent repository for health information and a system that can be accessed instantly by doctors to assist with clinical decisions.

As healthcare providers deploy more and more technology into hospital settings, laboratories and clinics, remote management of these devices becomes critically important in helping to contain costs, reduce complexity and increase the quality of healthcare. Remote management technologies from Intel can help deliver these benefits across the healthcare enterprise. These technologies are already enabled in management tools in desktop PCs, servers and some tablet PCs.

So what are these management technologies called, and what exactly can they do? They are part of Intel® vPro™ technology with Intel® Active Management Technology (Intel® AMT), and they implement a unique capability in Intel® chipsets that can access and control an embedded system even if it is powered off (called out of band management) or in need of repair. This hardware-based feature can essentially expand and enhance the ability of healthcare IT to remotely monitor, maintain and repair medical devices that are based on embedded Intel® architecture.

Read the full Manageability of Computerized Medical Equipment Application Note.

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