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Care Coordination in Healthcare

Care coordination is more than moving information from point A to point B. Patients need care teams to communicate, collaborate, and plan—often across organizational boundaries.

Team-based care coordination is essential to high-quality and cost-effective care, especially for people with urgent or complex needs.


An ambulance crew tells how computers have improved their ability to care for people in an emergency. Intel-powered devices are used throughout their shift, from the dispatch center to monitoring equipment to ruggedized laptops.

Doctor and patient

Standardized Patient Discharge Reduces Readmission

Health project aims to reduce readmission and increase follow-up appointment attendance.

Doctor views files on computer screen

Oregon Experiment Seeks to Control Healthcare Inflation

A Medicaid experiment seeks to control healthcare costs, while improving quality of care.

Collaborative workflow in healthcare

Collaborative Workflows, Coordinated Care

Collaborative workflows and information tools meet the demands of today’s complex healthcare environments.


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Accountable Care Community of Practice

The Community of Practice is a consortium of healthcare IT leaders collaborating for the benefit of providers that are developing or planning to develop an ACO or accountable care strategy.

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