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Big Data and Analytics in Healthcare and Life Sciences

Intel® architecture is present from sequencers to appliances to high-performance computing cloud

Computing power has dropped the cost of genome sequencing dramatically. Now the challenge is to manage the explosive growth in big data and analytics for healthcare and life sciences.

With help from the Intel® Xeon® processor, healthcare providers can now offer truly personalized medicine by sequencing the genome of a patient’s cancer to find the best treatment options for their individual illnesses.

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Delivering Personalized Medicine

High-performance computing, domain expertise, and Intel’s application expertise help demonstrate next-gen sequencing as a personalized medicine tool.

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Aspera fasp* Big Data Tech for Ultra-High-Speed Data Transfer

Integrating Aspera fasp* with Intel® Data Plane Development Kit (Intel® DPDK) makes big data accessible to hybrid clouds.

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Leverage Healthcare Big Data

Evolve healthcare organizations with changing data landscapes to adopt a holistic, digitized big data approach to improve care, discover new insights, reduce costs, and meet emerging care models.


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