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ICHx Integrated LAN Controller Function Disable and Power Control for Fast Ethernet

Function Disable of Intel® 82562 Platform Devices (AP-417)


This application note provides guidelines for function disable of the Intel® 82562 Platform LAN Connect (PLC) devices.


This application note covers the function disable that supports the I/O Control Hub 3 and later (ICHx), 82562 Platform LAN Connect (PLC) design. The 82562 PLC design supports two types of devices:
• The 82562ET and 82562EZ supports basic 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection.
• The 82562EM, 82562EP, 82562EX supports 10/100 Mbps Ethernet connection and integrated alert capabilities, which are covered in the 82562EM 10/100Mbps Platform LAN Connect Datasheet.

Reference Documents

It is assumed that the designer has a working knowledge of high-speed design and layout issues and the Advanced Configuration and Power Interface (ACPI) Specification. An understanding of power management industry initiatives is valuable prior to beginning the integration of the 82562ET into any platform. The following reference list provides sufficient background material.
• 82562ET (EM, EZ, EP, EX) 10/100 Mbps Platform LAN Connect (PLC) Datasheet. Intel Corporation.
• I/O Control Hub 3 (or later) Datasheet. Intel Corporation.
• LAN on Motherboard Design Guide Application Note (AP-414). Intel Corporation.
• I/O Control Hub 2 (and 3) EEPROM Map and Programming Information Application Note (AP-409). Intel Corporation.
• Network Device Class Reference, Revision 1.0a. Intel Corporation, Microsoft Corporation, and Toshiba.

Read the full Function Disable of Intel® 82562 Platform Devices application note.

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