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Unwire Your Workplace

Work where you want without hassles or security worries. The latest high-performing Intel® processor-based laptops deliver hardware-enhanced security that protects your business and wireless convenience that gives users the power to display and dock without wires.

When you upgrade your laptops to take advantage of the latest performance improvements, you can empower employees to work fast and smart. Not only can they work on the device they need to get the job done, but you can also rest assured that the PC can keep up—no matter the task. Even when employees are on the go, you’ll gain the peace of mind of added identity protection that is built in to the hardware. Calculate the potential return on investment with our Refresh ROI Estimator.

Versatility for Business: 2 in 1 Devices

Get the best of both worlds. A 2 in 1 with the latest Intel processor is a full-performance laptop when you need it and a tablet when you want it—all in a single device. You can use the laptop to create your report, then share it easily with colleagues by flipping the screen to convert to a tablet. You can even opt for a model with a touch screen that disconnects from the keyboard altogether. Either way, the 2 in 1 device turns on in an instant, is always up to date, and delivers longer battery life.1

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Security with Style: Ultrabook™ Devices

Get security and style without any compromises. The latest Intel® Core™ vPro™ processor-based Ultrabook devices deliver the hardware-enhanced security and manageability your business needs with sleek designs users want. At less than an inch thick, you can choose from a range of screen sizes and lightweight designs, all with longer battery life.1 Users can work easily with fast multitasking, even if it means working on a presentation during a videoconference, complete with wireless projection. Optional touch screen capabilities give them the flexibility to work how they want, when they want.

A hardened chassis and strong hinges ensure that your device can withstand the rigors of commuting, too. Dig a little deeper and find the model that’s right for the way you work, whether it’s razor thin or a clamshell, convertible, detachable, or touch screen style.

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Las tecnologías Intel podrían requerir hardware habilitado, software específico o la activación de servicios.   El desempeño varía en función de la configuración del sistema. Ningún sistema informático puede proporcionar una seguridad absoluta. Consulte al fabricante de su sistema o su distribuidor minorista u obtenga más información en