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Intel® 82573/82562 Dual Footprint: Design Guide

Product features and specifications are subject to change without notice. Verify with your local Intel sales office that you have the latest information before finalizing a design.

The Intel® 945/Intel® I/O Control Hub 7 (ICH7) 82801GB platform supports several footprint compatible Ethernet options depending upon the target application. The term “footprint compatible” means the silicon devices are all manufactured in a 15 mm by 15 mm, 196 Thin and Fine Ball Grid Array (TF-BGA) package, with the same ball pattern. Many of the critical signal pin locations are identical, allowing designers to create a single LAN on Motherboard (LOM) design that accommodates all devices. This is a flexible, cost-effective, multipurpose design technique that maximizes value while meeting performance requirements.


Since some of the signal pins differ in usage, the term “pin compatible” is not applicable.

Available LAN components with the same footprint include the Intel® 82573E, 82573V and 82573L Gigabit Ethernet Controllers and Intel® 82562EZ, 82562EX, 82562GZ and 82562GX Platform LAN Connect (PLC) components. (For purposes of this document, the 82573E, 82573V and the 82573L will be referred to as the 82573; and the 82562EZ, 82562EX, 82562GZ and 82562GX will be referred to as the 82562 unless otherwise noted. Specific device data can be referenced in their respective datasheets for feature differences.) ICHx refers to ICH6 and ICH7 components.

The requirements for connection speed and manageability determine which LAN components should be used on a specific platform. As these requirements change, footprint compatibility makes it possible to refocus the platform without the need for a motherboard redesign.

Read the full Intel® 82573/82562 Dual Footprint Design Guide.

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