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Small Packet Optimization: Intel® 8255x/8254x Ethernet Controllers


This document discusses the "small packet" performance of the Intel® 8255x Ethernet Controllers and the Intel® 8254x Ethernet Controllers, and describes techniques for improving this performance through driver design optimization and configuration.

Reference Documents

The reader should be familiar ...with network device driver design and TCP/IP protocol. In addition, the following documents may be useful:
• 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet Controller Networking Silicon Developer's Manual, Revision 0.75, Intel Corporation.
• 10/100 Mb Ethernet Family Software Technical Reference Manual, Revision 2.1, Intel Corporation.
• Interrupt Moderation using the 82540EM, 82545GM and 82546EB Gigabit Ethernet Network Controllers, Application Note 450, Revision 1.0, Intel Corporation.
• Benchmarking Gigabit Network Adapters (Whitepaper), revision 1.0, Intel Corporation.
• PCI: Efficient Use (Whitepaper), Intel Corporation (
• Beyond Softnet, J. Salim, R. Olsson, A. Kuznetsov (

Read the full Small Packet Optimization: Intel® 8255x/8254x Ethernet Controllers application note.

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