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Intel® 8255x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controller Family Open Source Manual

This document is intended for use as a software technical reference manual for the Intel® 10/100 Mbps Fast Ethernet controller family, which includes the 82557, 82558, 82559, 82550, and 82551, as well as the 82562 Platform LAN Connect device. It also contains information for several PCI LAN adapters based on these device...s: Intel® EtherExpress™ PRO/100+, Intel® EtherExpress™ PRO/100B Wake on LAN (WOL), Intel® EtherExpress™ PRO/100B, and Intel® EtherExpress™ PRO/10+.


This manual is intended to be used as a technical reference for software and test engineers developing device drivers or related software for adapters or systems using the Intel® 82557, 82558, 82559, 82550, or 82551 Fast Ethernet controllers or the Intel® 82562 Platform LAN Connect (PLC) device. It contains reference information about the controllers as well as other information that may be required by software developers (such as PHY information, EEPROM contents, PCI scanning, etc.). Since this document uses many examples and contains sample code fragments, it is assumed that the reader has a fundamental understanding of device driver programming and a working knowledge of both C programming language and x86 assembler programming language. Familiarity with at least one industry standard network operating system (NOS) device driver interface (for example, Network Driver Interface Specification [NDIS] or ODI) is also helpful.

Read the full Intel® 8255x 10/100 Mbps Ethernet Controller Family Open Source Manual.

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