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Intel® 82540EP/82541(PI/GI/EI), 82562EZ(EX) Dual Footprint (AP-444)


Intel currently supports several footprint compatible Ethernet options depending upon the target application. The term “footprint compatible” means that the silicon devices are all manufactured in a 15 mm x 15 mm, 196-ball grid array package with the same ball pattern. Many of the critical signal pin loc...ations are identical, allowing designers to create a single LAN on Motherboard (LOM) design that accommodates all devices. This is a flexible, cost-effective, multipurpose design technique allowing maximized value while matching performance needs.

Since some of the signal pins have different usages, the term “pin-compatible” is not applicable.

Available LAN components with the same footprint include the 82540EP/82541xx Family of Gigabit Ethernet Controllers and the 82562EZ(EX) Platform LAN Connect components.

Throughout this document, the notation “82541xx” will be used to denote the 82541 Family of Gigabit Controllers (82541PI, 82541GI, and 82541EI).

The LAN component used on a specific platform depends on the end user’s need for connection speed and manageability. As the requirements change, footprint compatibility makes it possible to re-focus the platform without the need to redesign a new a motherboard.

Read the full Intel® 82540EP/82541(PI/GI/EI), 82562EZ(EX) Dual Footprint application note.

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