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Introducing the Arduino*-Compatible Intel® Galileo Development Board Opportunity for Universities

Empowering universities to foster students' skills in creating IA compatible wearables and other "Internet of Things" devices

To further spur innovation across the entire computing spectrum, Intel is providing 50,000 Intel® Architecture (IA) Arduino boards featuring the new Intel® Quark technology to universities worldwide. The new microcontroller boards, in the Arduino form factor favored by the maker community, will enable university students to innovate at the lower end of the spectrum with inventions that will be compatible with other IA devices in the Internet of Things.

Intel Galileo board

The program includes the following available to a university at no cost:

  • Intel® Galileo boards—the first IA-based Arduino boards
  • An Integrated Development Environment (IDE) for Arduino on IA
  • Getting Started with Intel Galileo programming guide (Available late March; Participating universities receive one free download for every five Galileo boards; additional copies may be ordered from Amazon.)
  • Access to the Arduino on IA support community featuring community support. Additional technical support if needed will be provided for the software environment by Arduino and for the hardware environment from Intel.
Higher ed students working on Intel Galileo board

We've already shipped thousands of boards to over four hundred universities (we are aiming for 1000) who are integrating them into their 2014 curriculum.

Many schools are using the boards in introductory embedded computing or microcontroller courses. Others plan to use the boards for senior level classes or to provide increased compute power for existing projects. See a summary of the breadth of proposed applications or check out the university maker community where universities will be posting their projects.

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