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Estudio práctico: Classmate PC con tecnología Intel® en Brasil

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Piraí, Brazil, Transforms Education With Technology Integration

1:1 technology integration program reaches teachers and students at all grade levels

Piraí, Brazil, is a small city in the state of Rio de Janeiro, with a population of about 24,000. The city is pioneering a 1:1 technology integration program in education as part of a larger Digital City effort to provide digital access to every citizen. By also integrating technology into its schools, Piraí aims to be transformed into a Learning City, in which eLearning plays an integral role in every student’s education.

Already, 5,500 Intel-powered classmate PCs have been distributed through the Intel® Education Solutions to every student at the city’s 20 municipal- and state-run schools, which serve students at all grade levels. An additional 560 laptops have been distributed to teachers and administrators, and project learning pedagogies were introduced for grades 1–9. This is in addition to the 800 Intel-powered classmate PCs distributed to a Piraí school as part of a pilot project in 2008.

By encouraging student independence and helping to shift teachers from a didactic, lecture-based approach to one of facilitation, Piraí’s program shows the power of technology integration to transform teaching and learning. Piraí’s program also demonstrates the power of a strong local vision to shepherd complex and lasting educational change.

Read the full Piraí, Brazil, Transforms Education Case Study.

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