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Improve Data Center Energy Efficiency

As enterprises evolve to meet new customer needs, so must IT infrastructures fulfilling intensive data exchanges in organizations.

The rapid proliferation of IT creates a massive demand for energy, and energy allocated to data centers—as much as half in some cases—is unnecessarily wasted through inefficiency and improperly managed devices. Advances in energy efficient IT equipment coupled with innovative consumption methods represent untapped opportunities for capturing data center operation savings.

Virtualize core applications onto a single platform. Innovative virtualization software consolidates server density, improving utilization and reducing IT capital and operating costs.

IT leaders should also deploy the most efficient Intel® technologies, led by refreshing old servers with newer Intel® Xeon® processors. The latest Intel® processor-based servers reduce server space, cooling costs, and energy usage. And with Intel® 10 Gigabit Ethernet unified networking solutions, not only simplify the infrastructure but deliver higher performance per watt systems.

Monitor, trend, and manage facilities to maximize and drive ongoing efficiency. New data center technologies and tools provide direct power management and control features that monitor individual system levels and dynamically adjust power allocations. Empower IT and data center managers with policy-based management and provisioning to meet mission-critical demands or scale back power to reduce idling cores.

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Intel® Xeon® Processor-based Server Refresh Savings Estimator

Accurately predicting a technology upgrade’s value is critical for prioritizing limited capital funds and maintaining IT credibility with business stakeholders. Over the past few years, Intel IT has continuously developed a financial methodology that it uses to estimate the benefits and returns of server upgrades and refreshes.

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