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Advancing education and opportunity worldwide

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Established by Intel in 1988, the Intel Foundation fosters educational opportunities and quality of life improvements for communities worldwide. By developing programs, exercising leadership, and providing funding for grants, the Intel Foundation:

  • Fuels innovation in science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM)
  • Empowers girls and women
  • Inspires underserved youth
  • Engages with our communities

Through these efforts the Intel Foundation works to increase opportunities for all—especially girls and underrepresented populations—in STEM education and related careers.

Find out about our efforts in these areas below. You can also follow us on Twitter or in our CSR blogs.

Please note the Intel Foundation does not accept unsolicited grant requests.

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Fostering Innovation in STEM Education

Because science, technology, engineering, and math are foundational for a thriving, innovative economy, the Intel Foundation rewards excellence, promotes training, and encourages studies in STEM education.

We recognize outstanding original research projects globally through our science competitions. The Intel Science Talent Search and the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair—the world's largest pre-college science fair competition—both support the nonprofit organization Society for Science & the Public.

To give children a chance to solve scientific problems in a fun way, we sponsor team-oriented robotics tournaments where contestants build robots from Legos.

Our Educators Academy provides an online community for K-12 educators to share innovative methods and ideas for transforming the science classroom.

Entrepreneurial competitions like the Intel Global Challenge motivate young entrepreneurs to take their innovations out of the classroom and into the business world.

Read stories about how these programs help to transform lives:

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Empowering Girls and Women

The Intel Foundation partners with industry, non-government organizations, and others to remove gender-based hurdles for education and technology, and give girls and women more opportunity to participate in the global innovative economy.

As part of our social innovation focus, Intel partners with Ashoka Changemakers to reward innovative digital technology solutions that enable girls and women to live healthier, smarter, and more meaningful lives.

She Will is a focused campaign created by Intel to empower girls and women around the world by fostering equal economic and educational opportunities. Intel Corporation is also the founding strategic partner for the 10x10 global action campaign for girl’s education which recently released the feature-length movie Girl Rising.

Other programs we conduct include robotic competitions where we provide mentors for all-girl teams, science competitions that are open to girls in regions throughout the word, and Intel Math which helps supplement mathematics training for teachers who in turn can help students build confidence in their math skills in the critical elementary years.

Find out more about Intel's programs for girls and women or read about how they are having an impact:

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Inspiring Underserved Youth

By gearing programs toward youth in underserved communities, the Intel Foundation provides opportunities for engaging with technology and learning life skills for those who would not otherwise have such opportunities.

The Intel Computer Clubhouse Network provides a place where youth use computers and get help from mentors to pursue a project they've dreamed up. The result? Youth who are more involved in the Clubhouse report greater competency in problem-solving, collaboration, and use of technology tools.

Scholarship programs, robotics competitions, community grants, and other efforts from the Intel Foundation also provide opportunities for underserved youth. We collaborate with the National Consortium for Graduate Degrees for Minorities in Engineering and Science on supporting graduate education for underrepresented minorities at the master's and PhD levels. We also support efforts by the Semiconductor Research Corporation which provide undergraduates with valuable research experience and mentoring.

Learn more about individuals whose lives these programs positively impact in these inspiring stories:

Three adult volunteers from Intel with three kids

Engaging with Our Communities

Every year, the Intel Foundation contributes millions of dollars toward community programs, disaster relief efforts, education grants, and more.

More than 40% of the company's employees are involved in the Intel Involved Volunteer Program, and together they donate thousands of hours to education, environmental programs, and other local community needs. Through the Intel Involved Matching Grant Program, the Intel Foundation gives schools and community organizations cash donations for every hour that employees volunteer.

Intel employees can apply for seed grants from the Intel Foundation to get their creative volunteer initiatives off the ground. The Foundation awards grants of up to $5000 to underwrite selected employee-initiated community service projects.

Our approach to disaster relief focuses on communities in which we live and work, and includes both initial humanitarian relief and long-term restoration efforts. This approach allows us to assess the effects of each disaster and design recovery programs to achieve the greatest impact by leveraging Intel’s technical expertise and competencies.

Get inspired by articles describing how the Intel Foundation engages with our communities:

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