Intel Corporate Responsibility Report

Transparency is at the heart of our commitment

We innovate to make amazing experiences possible for every person on Earth. We also lead on important matters of policy, diversity, inclusion, education, and sustainability. (Updated June 30, 2016.)1

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The first section of our report covers content recommended by the International Integrated Reporting Committee for inclusion in “integrated reports.”

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We have set public goals and tracked performance indicators in key corporate responsibility forum areas for well over a decade, enabling us to drive continuous improvement over time.

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Since 2008, Intel has been the largest voluntary purchaser of green power in the U.S.

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Diversity and inclusion are critical to our business success.

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A diverse supply chain brings innovation and greater value to our business.

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We prepared this report using the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Guidelines, and we self-declared the report to be prepared “in accordance” with the G4 Guidelines at the comprehensive level.

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1Report updated June 30, 2016. See page 78 of the complete report for details.