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Inspiring a Better Future for Girls and Women

Discover how education and technology access empower our greatest untapped human resource to overcome hardship and thrive


Moroccan student

Helping Moroccan women mean business

Vital Voices Global Partnership and Intel fight gender inequality in Morocco by providing technology education and business advice to women, helping them develop marketable skills and improve their quality of life.

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Yesenia, the first person in her family to enter college.

Easing the path to cap and gown

Learn how the Intel Foundation helps nonprofit Beyond 12 with a database technology platform to track, connect, and coach students and increase low-income, first-generation graduation rates.

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Sara Volz works in her lab

‘Algae Girl’ on quest to save the planet

Seventeen-year-old Sara Volz develops an artificial selection method to establish populations of algae cells with high oil content as economically feasible biofuel sources, winning the Intel Science Talent Search (Intel STS).

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Naema Al-zbede helps Bedouin women in Israel

A sea change in the desert

Teacher and activist Naema Al-zbede helps Bedouin women in Israel develop life skills, shape new opportunities, and discover a digital future through technology, while removing social barriers along the way.

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High school researcher Elisabeth Burton

A big fat deal—Tackling teen body image dangers

High school researcher Elisabeth Burton hopes her work linking poor teen body image, eating disorders, and low self-esteem to unrealistic media portrayals can change how physical beauty is represented in magazines.

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Haitian-American shares her story

From Foster Care to PhD with Intel Computer Clubhouses

Haitian-American shares her story of how Intel Computer Clubhouses helped her find stability and succeed in school while in foster care, eventually helping her with scholarship support and internships for college.

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Innovator Peiyan Duan

Innovator Peiyan Duan

Shanghai student Peiyan Duan wins the 2012 Intel ISEF Grand Award for Biochemistry for her diabetes-related discovery, identifying anti-diabetic compounds found in the foxglove herb and demonstrating their effects.

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Girls in India

It takes a village…of kids

A teacher and her students successfully campaign to expand children’s educational opportunities by changing attitudes of parents, teachers, the school headmaster, and village leaders about excluding disabled children and child labor in India.     

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