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Explore how technology and programs are giving individuals and communities the skills and resources to unlock their ideas and activate innovation


Ben Gulak on his cycle

Clearing the air on one or two wheels

Inspired by a trip to Beijing, Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (Intel ISEF) finalist and entrepreneur Ben Gulak created a convertible electric unicycle, an eco-friendly solution to clear the city’s air by reducing emissions and congestion on city streets.

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InErPharm team member

The red blood cell: Chemo’s new sidekick

Russian startup InErPharm develops CytoDel*, a device that delivers the toxic chemical compounds in chemo drugs directly into red blood cells to reduce side effects, such as hair loss, nausea, and hematological changes.

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Baby girl waits for a vaccine

The shot sent round the world

Motivated to prevent unnecessary death on a global scale, Nanoly Bioscience develops polymer shield technology that protects and stabilizes vaccines without the need for refrigeration, allowing them to be shipped virtually anywhere in the world.

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Batik Fractal’s Nancy Margried

Preserving batik art in Indonesia

Batik Fractal’s Nancy Margried uses 3D modeling and mathematical software to create nature-inspired batik patterns, reviving an ancient Indonesian tradition through technology.

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Greenway biomass stove

Families breathe easier with biomass stove

Biomass stoves developed by India-based Greenway Grameen Infra enable clean, efficient combustion to reduce families’ smoke inhalation and exposure to noxious emissions while minimizing the harmful effect of pollutants on the environment.

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Entrepreneurship Training Helps Women in India

Entrepreneurship training helps women in India

Learn how the Intel-Udyogini School of Entrepreneurship in India helps women learn business, digital literacy, and life skills, including the story of Saraswati Devi, who runs a cooperative center and night school for local entrepreneurs.

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