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Inspiring a Better Future Through Education

Learn how millions of lives worldwide are being transformed through technology solutions and innovative programs that challenge and empower


Students in Haiti school

New hope amid the rubble

The Digital Literacy for Haiti Rebuilding computer training program teaches participants technology fundamentals, such as word processing, e-mail, and the Internet, providing paths to information technology careers and hope for the future.

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Yesenia, the first person in her family to enter college.

Easing the path to cap and gown

Learn how the Intel Foundation helps nonprofit Beyond 12 with a database technology platform to track, connect, and coach students and increase low-income, first-generation graduation rates.

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Gary Kurek

Walker-wheelchair hybrid helps slow degeneration

Gary Kurek uses groundbreaking design to develop flexible walker-wheelchair that improves autonomy, affords greater mobility, slows muscle degeneration, and restores strength in patients with debilitating diseases.

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Girls in India

It takes a village…of kids

A teacher and her students successfully campaign to expand children’s educational opportunities by changing attitudes of parents, teachers, the school headmaster, and village leaders about excluding disabled children and child labor in India.

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Mohammad Dzarul Dol Malek

A sweet answer to battery power

Mohammad Dzarul Dol Malek ferments brown sugar and invasive plants from a Malaysian sugarcane farm to produce electricity, creating inspiration for organic batteries to replace current versions polluting the waste stream.

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Navajo teen girl

In the Navajo community, one teen scientist shines

Navajo Nation teen Raquel Redshirt harnesses sun power to create solar ovens, winning an educational and cultural trip to Germany while meeting impoverished community needs.

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Student in Egypt

Egyptian community learns to read

Read about the Intel® Learn Program and how students in Egypt are helping their community in Al-Fayoum with the problem of illiteracy by starting a program to teach adults to read.

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Greenway biomass stove

Families breathe easier with biomass stove

Biomass stoves developed by India-based Greenway Grameen Infra enable clean, efficient combustion to reduce families’ smoke inhalation and exposure to noxious emissions while minimizing the harmful effect of pollutants on the environment.

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