Joyent’s Multitenant Cloud Uses 10 GbE Networking

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Multitenant cloud environments must handle data traffic from increasingly powerful servers and and bandwidth-hungry applications. High-performance clouds demand more network throughput to keep up with them. Jason Hoffman, chief scientist at global cloud innovator Joyent, lists the top benefits his company is seeing from standardizing on 10 gigabit Ethernet technologies in a multitenant environment.

Ten gigabit Ethernet helps keep the platform architecture in balance—a must given the rising number of cores and amount of memory you can put in a typical two-unit server these days. Higher network bandwidth also positions your cloud infrastructure to feed a new generation of real-time mobile apps and meet the data growth of enterprise apps. With 10 gigabit Ethernet at Joyent, the company simplifies its multitenant cloud environment, reduces cabling, cuts costs, and increases IT efficiency.

If you’re choosing 10 gigabit Ethernet technologies, Hoffman says drivers are critically important. He recommends going for an open-source solution or a vendor with stable drivers and an open approach to problem solving.

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