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Enhanced Cloud Storage and Data Security

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SK Telecom: Enhanced Data and Cloud Storage Security

South Korean mobile telecom company chooses hardware-based Intel® Advanced Encryption Standard New Instructions powered by Intel® Xeon®processors for enhanced data and cloud storage security

• Comprehensive security strategies The company needed strategies for a powerful enterprise security system to respond to today's most complex and sophisticated security threats.
• Minimize server slowdown. To quickly respond to security threats, the company needed a security system that encrypts data while minimizing server slowdown.

• Hardware-based Intel AES-NI powered by Intel Xeon processors. SK Telecom adopted the hardware-based Intel AES-NI powered by Intel Xeon processors for the cloud storage system for enhanced security.

• Hardware-based security solution. The hardware-based Intel AES-NI powered by Intel Xeon processors performs the encryption easily, quickly, and completely in the hardware without affecting overall system performance.
• Enhanced security in virtual environments. SK Telecom offered highly-reliable services to its users by successfully addressing the security issues, one of the biggest threats in cloud environments.

Read the full SK Telecom Case Study.

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