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Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) with Protected Transaction Display

Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) with Protected Transaction Display

Secure transaction authorization

An encrypted, secure I/O technology embedded into 3rd generation and higher Intel® Core™ processors, Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT)1 with protected transaction display enables businesses and web sites to confirm user presence, verify transactions, and create secure PIN input prior to the release of credentials, thus eliminating risk from screen scrapers or keyloggers.

Video: Understanding the business value of Intel® IPT with PKI/protected transaction display >

Secure transaction authorization

A recent security threat has emerged, wherein malware hijacks a user session and attempts to log in to a corporation from a user’s PC. Intel® Identity Protection Technology (Intel® IPT) with protected transaction display validates user presence by requiring input on a secure PIN pad displayed only to the user. This PIN pad is created by the graphics hardware within the processor, making it invisible to the operating system. The user inputs their PIN number using mouse clicks, and the coordinates are passed to the chipset for verification. Malware cannot replicate the mouse clicks, since the PIN pad is not exposed to the operating system. See the demo.

Protection below the operating system

Intel® IPT with protected transaction display enables the PC to display information to the user and to collect the user’s information with the assurance that the operating system cannot monitor or tamper with the transaction. Because the display screen is part of the integrated graphics within the processor, it is never exposed to the software layer, only to the user sitting physically in front of the screen. This embedded security capability when enabled by an enterprise or web site prevents malware from scraping a PC’s display by verifying a human presence at the PC, helping to reduce many of the most sophisticated attacks on users’ accounts, Internet businesses, and financial institutions.

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1. Ningún sistema puede proporcionar una seguridad absoluta en todas las condiciones. Requiere un sistema habilitado para la tecnología Intel® de protección de identidad, lo que incluye un procesador Intel® Core™ de segunda generación o superior, un chipset, firmware y software habilitados y un sitio web participante. Consulte al fabricante de su sistema. Intel no asume responsabilidad alguna por los sistemas y/o datos extraviados o robados ni por ningún daño que se produzca en consecuencia. Para obtener más información, visite http://ipt.intel.com.