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Choose an Intel® Anti-Theft Technology Service Provider

Intel® Anti-Theft Technology (Intel® AT) is now available on all Ultrabook™ devices and on many Intel® Core™ processor powered devices.

Click here for a complete list of all laptops enabled with Intel AT.

Once you’ve obtained a laptop enabled with Intel AT, the next step is to choose an appropriate Intel Anti-Theft Technology-enabled service.

Intel Anti-Theft Technology helps deter data and asset theft, keeping personal information personal. Activate the Intel AT-enabled service available in various markets today. If your Ultrabook or laptop is lost or stolen, disable it through your service. If your later locate your Ultrabook or laptop, contact your service to re-activate it to normal operation.

We’re partnering with a range of proven security partners to bring you the best combination of security features and encryption options.

McAfee Anti-Theft*

McAfee Anti-Theft*

McAfee Anti-Theft enables you to disable your laptop if stolen, help keep your personal information personal, and locate and track your device.

Norton Anti-Theft*

Norton Anti-Theft*

Norton Anti-Theft is a web-based service that helps protect your privacy and all the personal stuff stored on your laptop Ultrabook™ devices. Norton Anti-Theft lets you locate, follow, and lock down your lost or stolen devices to help you get your stuff back.

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